We are a national coalition of organizations and citizens dedicated to preserving and improving America’s civics education.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated
to preserving and improving
America’s civics education.

American civics education should teach students the founding principles of the United States, the structure of our self-governing republic, the functions of government at all levels, and how our key institutions work.

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The Latest

Civics Education

New Campaign for Social Studies Standards Reform

With the 2022–2023 school year officially in full swing, the Civics Alliance is beginning a new, nationwide campaign for social studies standards reform. Social Studies Standards: Reform Campaign The Civics…

Civics Education

New State Resources, Affiliates in Action, and the Fight for Academic Freedom

The Civics Alliance has released a new resource—one that will surely benefit any grassroots activist concerned about social studies. And the Academic Freedom Alliance just released a statement decrying the…

Civics Education

Diversity Statements, State Standards, and More Harry Trumans

From cutting-edge reports to model legislation, the Civics Alliance continues to produce work that demonstrates the need for civics education reform in America. Educating more Harry Trumans Civics Alliance executive…

Press Release

Act In Action and the Civics Alliance Announce Partnership to Preserve and Improve Civics Education in Texas

Act In Action proudly announces that it will now serve as the Texas Affiliate for the Civics Alliance. Act in Action, which champions parents’ authority to determine their children’s education,…

Our Coalition

Join Us in Opposition to Action Civics

We are a group of policymakers, educators, parents, and citizens turning the tide against action civics in American classrooms. Join our coalition to learn more about civics eduction that supports productive and responsible citizenship.

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Protest for American Democratic Values

The Civics Alliance unites education reformers,
policymakers, and every citizen of the United States
who wants to preserve civics education that teaches
students to take pride in what they share as


An exceptional heritage of freedom


A republic with liberty as a fundamental principle


The accomplishments of a common national culture.