Neutral Laws


Many states have enacted miscellaneous laws dealing with civics instruction, which we neither oppose nor endorse. They may or may not be helpful, depending on the circumstances. We list them here for the use of civics education reformers.

Civics Seal

A Civics Seal rewards students with recognition on their high school diploma for certain activities, without requiring those activities of all students. Such seals can be used with equal ease to forward traditional civics or action civics. We support repeal of Civics Seal laws that forward action civics. We support the passage of Civics Seal laws that encourage traditional civics.

Voter Laws

Many states have passed laws encouraging voter education and voter registration in schools. As of 2021, such laws tend to increase the number of voters for radical candidates, since young voters at present tend to support radical candidates. Our main concern is to prevent voter registration and education campaigns from being incorporated into civics education classes. We recommend that state legislators pass laws that prevent voter education and voter registration from taking place during any class.

Civics Organizations

Several states have authorized nongovernmental organizations to recommend changes to their civics curricula. These laws frequently provide radical activists a vehicle by which to recommend curricula that include action civics or critical race theory. We recommend that state legislators not authorize nongovernmental organizations to make curriculum recommendations.

Patriotic Society Access

Several states have authorized patriotic societies to have access to public schools. While we applaud the spirit of these laws, we wonder whether radical activists might dub their organizations “patriotic societies” as a means to gain access to the schools.

Existing State Statutes

Civics Seal

Voter: Education

Voter: Registration

Voter: Service

  • Connecticut: Public Act No. 03-108 [An Act Concerning Service by Students as Official Checkers at Polling Places]

Civics Organization

Congressional Medal of Honor Film

Legal System Instruction

Patriotic Society Access

Selective Service

  • Georgia: O.C.G.A. § 20-2-310 [Student directory information; registering to vote and with selective service; pledge of allegiance]
  • Louisiana: La. R.S. 17:269 [Selective service obligation orientation program]

The National Association of Scholars, in consultation with other supporters and friends of the Civics Alliance, drafted this list of statutes to translate into legislative policy the principles in the Civics Alliance’s Civics Curriculum Statement & Open Letter. This list has been drafted with the expectation that not every supporter of the Civics Alliance will endorse this list or every part of it. Individual Civics Alliance signatories and supporters should not be assumed to have endorsed this list, unless they say so explicitly.