Our Coalition

A coalition of individuals dedicated to reforming civics education.

The Civics Alliance, convened by the National Association of Scholars, unites education reformers, policymakers, and every citizen of the United States who wants to preserve civics education that teaches students to take pride in what they share as Americans—an exceptional heritage of freedom, a republic that has succeeded in making liberty a fundamental principle of our government, and the joyful accomplishments of their common national culture.

Initial Signatories of the Civics Alliance

J. Christian Adams, President, Public Interest Legal Foundation

Dean Allen, President, FreedomSource University

Michael Anton, Senior Fellow, Claremont Institute

Mark Bauerlein, Senior Editor, First Things

Jeremy Beer, Chairman, American Ideas Institute

Chris Buskirk, Publisher, American Greatness

Victoria Coates, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

Tanya Ditty, Vice President of Field Operations, Concerned Women for America

Brandon Dutcher, Senior Vice President, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Max Eden, Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Beth Feeley, Senior Advisor, 1776 Unites, The Woodson Center

Will Fitzhugh, Founder and Editor, The Concord Review

John Fonte, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for American Common Culture, Hudson Institute

Garion Frankel, Policy Director, Texas Federation of College Republicans

Rebecca Friedrichs, Founder & President, For Kids and Country

Jamie Gass, Director of the Center for School Reform, Pioneer Institute

Claudine Geoghegan, Co-Founder and Director of Content & Solutions, Freedom in Education

David Goldman, Columnist, Asia Times and PJ Media

Katharine Gorka, Director of the Feulner Institute’s Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue, Heritage Foundation

Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for Western Civilization

John Hendrickson, Policy Director, Tax Education Foundation of Iowa

Mark Henrie, President, Arthur N. Rupe Foundation

John Hinderaker, President, Center of the American Experiment

Jacob Howland, Senior Fellow, Tikvah Fund

Deal Hudson, Publisher, The Christian Review

Christopher C. Hull, Senior Fellow, Americans for Intelligence Reform

Robert Jackson, Executive Director, Great Hearts Institute for Classical Education

Christina Jeffrey, President, U.S. Allegiance Institute

Angela Kamrath, President and Editorial Director, American Heritage Education Foundation

S. T. Karnick, Director of Publications, Heartland Institute

Sheryl Kaufman, Corporate Chief Economist (Retired), Phillips Petroleum Company

Katherine Kersten, Senior Policy Fellow, Center of the American Experiment

Roger Kimball, Editor and Publisher, The New Criterion

Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Michael Ledeen, Freedom Scholar, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

George Leef, Director of Editorial Content, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Thomas Lindsay, Distinguished Senior Fellow of Higher Education and Constitutional Studies, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Clare M. Lopez, Founder/President, Lopez Liberty LLC

Glenn Loury, Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences, Brown University

Sue Lucas-Peterson, State Representative, South Dakota

Robert Luebke, Senior Fellow, Center for Effective Education, John Locke Foundation

Harvey Mansfield, Professor Emeritus of Government, Harvard University

Wilfred McClay, G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty, University of Oklahoma

Allen Mendenhall, Associate Dean, Troy University, Sorrell College of Business

Arthur Milikh, Executive Director, The Claremont Institute, Center for the American Way of Life

Nicole Neily, President and Founder, Parents Defending Education

Alain Oliver, Chief Executive Officer, Love and Fidelity Network

Robert Paquette, President, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization

Duke Pesta, Director, FreedomProject Academy

Matthew Peterson, Vice President of Education, The Claremont Institute; Editor, The American Mind

Pete Peterson, Dean, Pepperdine University, Pepperdine School of Public Policy

Shawn Peterson, President, Catholic Education Partners

Juliana Geran Pilon, Senior Fellow, Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization

Julie Ponzi, Senior Editor, American Greatness

Gary Porter, Executive Director, Constitution Leadership Initiative, Inc.

David W. Preston, Executive Director, Oklahoma Wesleyan University Foundation

Joy Pullman, Executive Editor, The Federalist

Paul du Quenoy, President and Publisher, Academica Press

Paul Rahe, Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in Western Heritage, Hillsdale College

Theodore Rebarber, CEO, American Achievement Testing

Steven Reick, State Representative, Illinois House of Representatives

Craig Rhyne, President, Freedom Education Foundation, Inc.

Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family Association

Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow (retired), American Principles Project

Jenna Robinson, President, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Asaf Romirowsky, Executive Director, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Christopher Rufo, Director, Center on Wealth and Poverty

Maegen Satcher, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, St. Johns Classical Academy

Gilbert T. Sewall, Director, American Textbook Council

Karen Siegemund, President, American Freedom Alliance

Eunie Smith, President Emeritus, Eagle Forum

Bonnie Snyder, Director of High School Outreach, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Terry Stoops, Director of the Center for Effective Education, John Locke Foundation

Sandra Stotsky, 21st Century Chair in Teacher Quality, Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas

Kevin Stuart, Executive Director, Austin Institute

Kendall Svengalis, President, New England LawPress

Carol M. Swain, Professor of Political Science and Law (retired), Vanderbilt University

Jeremy Tate, Founder/CEO, Classic Learning Test

Virginia Thomas, President, Liberty Consulting

Erin Tuttle, Co-Founder, Hoosiers Against Common Core

Brandon Weichert, Geopolitical Analyst and Author, The Washington Times

Keith Whitaker, Chairman, National Association of Scholars

Ryan Williams, President, The Claremont Institute

Peter Wood, President, National Association of Scholars

Robert Woodson, Founder and President, Woodson Center

Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director, Californians for Equal Rights

Scott Yenor, Washington Fellow, Claremont Institute Center for the American Way of Life; Professor of Political Science, Boise State University

Signatories of the Civics Alliance sign as individuals. Organizational affiliations and positions are listed for identification purposes only.

The Mission Statement Act commits every component of the public university system to the free and unpoliticized pursuit of truth.