Civics Bill Tracker

Tracking American Civics Legislation

As of June 18, 2021, we count 11 federal civics bills and 196 state civics
bills that have been proposed in the 2021 legislative session and are
currently under consideration or passed by legislators.

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Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative (House Bill 327) would create a university center devoted to nonpartisan study, implicitly modeled on Arizona’s School of Economic Thought and Leadership. The bill includes civic engagement language. This bill would improve civics instruction, although it would be strengthened if amended to forbid action civics.


Civics Education Amendments (House Bill 124) would amend requirements for the required civics test for high school graduation, with questions drawn from the questions of the civics examination administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This bill makes no substantive changes to civics education.


Concurrent Resolution Emphasizing the Importance of Civics Education (House Concurrent Resolution 15) states the importance of civics education; it uses the language of civic engagement. Unless further legislation bars action civics explicitly, this resolution may set in motion a process by which radical education bureaucrats will be able to impose action civics requirements on Utah public school students.

Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust Education (Senate Concurrent Resolution 1) states in a loosely worded resolution the importance of genocide education; this resolution could be used to justify action civics.