Tools to Advocate for Better Civics Education

We provide these toolkits for the use of citizens who wish to inform fellow citizens and policymakers about the need for civics education reform.

Federal Policy Toolkit

Many federal government policymakers and permanent bureaucrats are committed to transforming civics education into action civics and radical social justice education. Citizens must inform policymakers of the danger posed by the federal government imposing radical action civics on the states or bribing them into compliance.

State Policy Toolkit

State governments should play a far stronger role than the federal government in setting civics curricula. Even here, however, civics reformers should be cautious. Policymakers should be informed that civics legislation should be carefully scrutinized, to make sure it does not provide unintentional support for action civics.

Local Policy Toolkit

The National Association of Scholars has crafted a range of materials for the use of civics reformers at the local level. Any civics reformer may use and/or modify these materials.