American Birthright Launch event

Every American student should be educated to be another Harry Truman—a high-school graduate who, without ever graduating from college, has a solid grasp of history and is capable of serving as an officer, a judge, a senator, and president.

Yet some state education departments are set on imposing state social studies standards that combine misguided pedagogical theory, low academic standards, and anti-American animus. Too many Americans emerge from our schools ignorant of America’s history, indifferent to liberty, and estranged from their country.

The National Association of Scholars’ Civics Alliance has created American Birthright: The Civics Alliance’s Model K-12 Social Studies Standards to inspire America’s state education departments to provide social studies standards that teach American students their birthright of liberty.

This event featured David Randall, Executive Director of the Civics Alliance and coordinator of American Birthright; Nicole Neily, President and Founder of Parents Defending Education; Douglas Norlander, veteran social studies teacher; Sue Lucas-Peterson, South Dakota State Representative; and Jenna Robinson, President of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.