How We Will Succeed

The Civics Alliance will rally opposition to the immediate danger posed by the New Civics and work for constructive programs of traditional civics education at the different levels of American government—the localities, the states, and the federal government.

Defenders of true civics education must not enter into coalitions that endorse fatal compromises with radicals who would hollow out the civics education our citizens need to sustain our constitutional republic. They must not endorse supposedly nonpartisan New Civics education that provides a fig-leaf for anti-American identity politics and vocational training for left-wing activism. Education reformers must instead work through their own coalition, which endorses rigorous civics education that explicitly excludes the New Civics and prohibits its favored pedagogy of service-learning.

The Civics Alliance will host a series of model civics education bills, drafted by the National Association of Scholars, which will translate into legislative language the principles in the  Civics Education Open Letter and Civics Curriculum Statement. We will provide curriculum resources and grassroots resources, to inform other members of the Civics Alliance as they spearhead their own campaigns. We expect that policymakers in different states will follow their own paths as they translate the principles of these documents into legal language. The members of the Civics Alliance will support different efforts to restore civics education, confident that they will all lead to the same destination—the preservation of civics education that sustains our republic and our nation.