Model Letter to Editor

Dear {Editor,}

I teach my children to live up to the ideals of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King, Jr., each of whom helped pave the way for the most free, equal, and prosperous society the world has ever known. 

I do not wish the {School District} to use ideological concepts and pedagogies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), “The 1619 Project,” and so-called “action civics,” “anti-racism,” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” which contradict the ideals of these American heroes. These ideological concepts and pedagogies terribly harm children’s schooling because they: 

The {School District} should take immediate action to end and remove these ideological concepts and pedagogies. Itshould declare that it is committed to the common humanity of all its students, and will apply equal standards and identical pedagogies to all students, without regard to race, sex, or any other group identity. It should explicitly repudiate ideological concepts and pedagogies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), “implicit racism,” “systemic racism,” and so-called “action civics,” “anti-racism,” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and remove them from all its materials and policies, including standards, curricula, committee remits, professional development and training material. It should enact policies, including transparent posting of all school materials on its website, to ensure that all administrators and faculty act and teach in accordance with these commitments, and which provide disciplinary sanctions, up to and including termination of employment, for willful and continued refusal to cease using them. 

Some so-called “anti-racists” may insist that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination,” but I continue to hold onto the truth so eloquently expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr., that “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” 

Best wishes,

{Parent Signature}