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Critical Race Theory damages our children.

It acts through different names, including “action civics,” “anti-racism,” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Radical activists use Critical Race Theory to:

Stand up now to remove Critical Race Theory from our schools!

Take the Pledge to stop Critical Race Theory.

I, {NAME}, pledge to my fellow citizens of {NAME OF STATE} to oppose any candidate running for a seat on the school board or state office who declines to take the pledge to restore freedom, fairness, excellence, and love of America to our public schools, and to remove from them the teaching and practice of Critical Race Theory, action civics, and any other doctrine or pedagogy that aims to foment racial division or replace classroom instruction with political activism.

Learn what you can do as a School Board Member to put an end to Critical Race Theory.

Learn what you can do as a State Policymaker to put an end to Critical Race Theory.

You’ll find all that information, and more, at


Civics Alliance/National Association of Scholars