The Civics Alliance is partnering with state affiliates—and across the country, our affiliates are working hard to restore a proper civics education in American schools.

Civics Alliance State Affiliates

The Civics Alliance is pleased to announce that it now has six state affiliates in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas. These state affiliates promote the Civics Alliance’s policies at the state level, inform the Civics Alliance about state and local developments, and pass on information from the Civics Alliance to local activists and citizens. Individuals and organizations who wish to promote the Civics Alliance’s policies should contact their state’s affiliate—and, if no state affiliate yet exists, should get in touch with the Civics Alliance about founding their own state affiliate. We will regularly post updates from our affiliates in Resolute.

From our Texas Affiliate: Act in Action and the Civics Alliance Announce Partnership to Preserve and Improve Civics Education in Texas

Act in Action proudly announces that it will now serve as the Texas Affiliate for the Civics Alliance. Act in Action, which champions parents’ authority to determine their children’s education, is proud to support the Civics Alliance’s work to preserve and improve civics education across the nation, which it accomplishes through its national coalition of organizations and citizens. Civics education reform needs parents to champion it—and students should learn why our republic has been built on the civic power of individual citizens.

From our Alabama Affiliate, on the Civics Secures Democracy Act

Alabama state affiliate Stephanie Holden Smith writes on the Civics Secures Democracy Act, noting that “the top-down approach to education in both our nation and state deserves the failing grades that we continue to receive. A re-assertion of local and parental control over education with a healthy infusion of basic academics and common sense are what will truly revolutionize our public education system.”

In Case You Missed It: Restoring Civic Education in Iowa

David Randall of the Civics Alliance and John Hendrickson of TEF Iowa write for the Iowa Torch: “Iowans should urge the Iowa Department of Education to adopt American Birthright as the model for the state’s social studies standards.” (For anyone new to the Civics Alliance, be sure to check out the American Birthright model social studies standards.)

From Higher Ed: Troy University Launches Program to Combat Progressive Bias in Business

1819 News reports that “the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University is creating a Free Enterprise Scholars program to help combat the growing left-wing bias in corporations and businesses in Alabama and across the country.”

Call for New Civics Alliance State Affiliates

The Civics Alliance is building a network of state affiliates—groups dedicated to removing action civics in their state, whom we will list on our website. If you would like to form such an organization, or suggest an existing organization, please get in touch with David Randall (

Continuing Priorities: Federal Legislation

At the federal level, the Civics Secures Democracy Act threatens to impose action civics nationwide.

The Civics Bill Tracker

Civics Alliance members may now use the Civics Bill Tracker to track all proposed federal and state legislation related to civics.

Public Action

We encourage Civics Alliance members to inform the public and policymakers about the stakes and consequences of action civics bills.

John Sailer is a Research Fellow at the National Association of Scholars and serves as Keeping the Republic Project Lead.

Image:  Morgan Lane, Public Domain