American Birthright: Curricula


American Birthright is a model social studies standard — not a model social studies curriculum. The Civics Alliance will not endorse any particular curricula. We don’t want to favor any set of curricula, and we don’t think every state and school district should use the same curricula. America ought to have a wonderful variety of different curricula.

We also know that many Americans will want to find out what are good social studies curricula that align with American Birthright. We therefore provide this list of Curriculum Resources that we believe fit reasonably well with American Birthright. Some these are curricula; others of these are complementary resources. This is not a tight and exclusive list. We want more curricula for this webpage–please send suggestions to Americans should have as wide a choice of good social studies curricula as possible.

First Principles

General Pedagogical Approach


Model Textbooks and Associated Teaching Resources

Primary Sources

Assessment Organizations

Other Civics and History Resources